Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions for e-commerce

All prices quoted on www.estonianpellets.com include 20% Estonian VAT. Reservations are made for tax changes, sold-out items and the like.
We have the right to alter/change printing errors and incorrect prices in the webshop
Delivery time
We typically deliver within 5-10 business days.
Delivery in general:
Pallets: Pallet goods are usually delivered with Palfinger mobile truck, but also delivery with pallet lifter may occur. When purchasing the agreement which form of delivery must be specified. When ordering delivery with a Palfinger mobile truck, it is the customers risk if there is damage to the pavement as the mobile truck weighs approx. 1.8 tons (Link to Palfinger movie here)
Dimensions & Weight
Trucks. As a starting point, fully loaded trucks are used for the freight, which according to the rules regarding total weight, weighs up to 40 tonnes. These vehicles require 2.5 meters in width, and 2.8 meters incl. mirrors, as well as 3.8 m in height, and are otherwise up to 18.5 m long. Mobile truck, weighs up to 1800 kg. and with 1 pallet of wood pellets, the weight is up to 2800 kg. It requires 2.1 m in ground clearance and 2.1 m in width if pallets are to be driven into the carport / garage.
Pallets - complete load:
Delivered with curtain trailer or similar that can handle 2 axle, 26-27 pallets or 3-axle 30 pallets, per. The buyer unloads themselves or they require a forklift. There is a maximum of 60 minutes for unloading.
Pallets Truck, Pallets with Mobile forklift.
The order is delivered by truck and Palfinger forklift. The load will then be a maximum of 30 pallets. Delivery takes place by prior arrangement, and careful instructions must be given about where at the address the delivery is to be situated. On our first delivery to the customer we have the right to ask for more information regarding drop-off places. Palfinger forklift can drive on most surfaces, but pay attention to the truck and the pallets total weight. Pay attention to the dimensions of the truck when deciding on your delivery point.
Delivery takes place, as a starting point according to the customers request for location. Unloading within buyers/customers property boundaries is always the buyers responsibility. The driver can not assess in advance the nature of the surface, the load-bearing capacity of the paths, etc., which is the buyers responsibility.
Receipt conditions:
If the final drop off conditions are not in order, all liability from supplier and distributor is waived.
Specifications and products we sell appear on our website, under the item "Tooted"
Right of complaint as a customer:
You have the right to complain about an item that has reasonable/valid defects or deficiencies that were present when the item was sold. If you as a customer wish to make a complaint, this must in principle take place within 2 months after a defect or defect in an item has been - or should have been discovered. Therefore, be careful to inspect your goods upon receipt.
Right of withdrawal:
As a customer, you have a 14-day right of withdrawal when your goods are ordered via www.estonianpellets.com Please note that transport costs are not refundable upon cancellation of purchases. All returns must be notified to estonianpellets.com BEFORE the items are returned. Upon return, a copy of the invoice / order confirmation must be attached, as well as the account number to the bank account to which we must transfer the money. The item must be sent to EstonianPellets no later than 14 days after you have received it. You will receive the money no later than 7 days after returning the item, if the item appears in original condition.
When you shop at estonianpellets.com you also accept our GDPR policy, so you can read more about it.
Contact us:
If you have questions about your order or anything else, you are welcome to contact us at mail: info@estonianpellets.com

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